Cluttered Mind in Costa Rica!


I apologize for slacking off. I'm back and that's all you need to know! My mind is cluttered today and my usual clarity may not be here. So here goes nothing!

Something that has been on my mind and ever present in the media thank god! That is this women's movement happening around the world.  It's been a powerful year for women. Many have stood up against sexual assaults and marched for equality. I watch this from afar and I wonder if I should be back in the fold and fighting? I missed the last movement but was highly influenced by it.

I am also wondering if I am depriving my daughter of the female power that is emerging from the states? Yes, I know she is four but I think it's good for her to feel her feminine power.

We came here for Myah because of all what was and is still happening with the White Supremacists and Nazi groups that support Trump. Nothing seems to be getting better. Trump and the greedy GOP
keep getting away with everything. Putin has his eyes set on the USA.

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day and so many people in the beginning of Hitler's reign didn't think anything would happen and many of those people perished in concentration camps. We didn't want that to be us. My husband is Jewish, Myah is half Jewish and I am Italian with a mental illness. That's a big reason why we came.  So many friends say how much they admire what we've done, but there are days like today when I have my doubts.

There is a march here in Costa Rica for women that I think will happen in March and we will be there!

It's almost 7 months since we arrived in Costa Rica and still making our way. There are days I just want to pack my bags and go back to New York. I miss it and how can I not?! It's one of the greatest cities in the world.  I miss the accessibility to everything via my legs and not the car!

Gonna end here and Love and Peace to You All!



Rosanna Russell said…
It's the "seven month itch"!! Of course you need a dose of NYC!!! Just like I need a dose of sun, warmth, beach & tranquility!!!!!!