My Last Blog

Adios Amigos,

That's right, this is my official last blog post. I am sorry that it has to end. The experience has been so eye opening for me. One thing I've learned is that I like to write. Whether people read the blog or not isn't important. It's been challenging at times and very hard to be vulnerable with all of you. I've done this blog because I thought in some way it could make a difference. Maybe it has, but in order for the stigma around mental illness to go away, something bigger than my blog has to come along.

I thank you for those who actually read my blog and to those who liked my photos.
It meant a great deal to me. Please take care of yourselves!  Always my best wishes to you!

Love and Peace to You All!!



Carol said…
Sorry to see it end, if it makes you feel better you should continue! Lol 💞