Weekend Celebrating!


We celebrated this weekend not only my recovery but Jesse's 71st birthday. It was really special weekend. We went to our favorite place The Cocomar at Playa Palo Seco. I think, since we moved here 8 months ago, we have been there at least 6 times.

 I'm only going to share the moments that stood out for me. I will say it was a profound and lovely weekend for me.

Saturday we celebrated Jess's Birthday. In the morning we went to the beach. Jess and I had chance to be in the water chasing the waves.  We the liked the few intimate moments we had together.

Our dog Maise, who never goes in the water unless we bring her in, walked into the ocean on her own! We were floored!

Later Myah came in the water and I had a remarkable experience. We sat down and let the waves wash over us. We giggled!  I was just sitting in the ocean with my daughter.  The joy and happiness of the moment overwhelmed me, realizing how precious a moment this was. The love that was present and shared happiness of being together. The rest of the weekend we played in the pool. Myah has so many stories in her head to play out. We had so much fun being silly together!

Sunday morning I took to my own recovery celebration. Jess went to pool with Myah while I headed to the beach with Maise. To me the ocean is where God hangs. I've always believed that. Maise stayed on the beach and I headed in to the Ocean. The sky was clear and the water was warm. I stood before my God and thanked him for all the people and things he has brought into my life to get me here thus far. My conversation lingered a little on my recovery and what it meant to me. Then I spoke of the future. Some of the things I was looking into and prayed for his guidance and direction. All I could feel was love surrounding me in the waves. It was peace, joy, and happiness.

The best part was I headed back to the pool to my family! Where I could hear Myah laughing and see Jesse smiling at her. I felt so blessed and that for the first time in a long time I knew everything will be okay.

P.S. Maise left me at the beach so when I got out of the water I freaked, because she wasn't coming when I called her. Had good sense to look at my phone and there was text from Jesse saying she came to the pool! Every day since then I confront her about leaving me at the beach!

Love and Peace to You All!


71 and having fun!
4 and Adorable!