Disenchanted in Paradise

Feeling a little disenchanted with doing this blog because I feel like no one reads it. Very few comments or discussion about what I've written. I wouldn't mind so much, but it really takes up my time. Writing the blog, finding picture to go with it, posting and then following up on all the social media is emotionally consuming and it does take a lot of time.

Thing is, I want to write a children's book and I have few ideas for few other books. The time spent on the blog could be used towards these other goals. You also have to remember, I have a four year old and a big chunk of my time is given to her. The idea of working really late or doing an all nighter is not possible for me. The stability of my bipolar illness depends on me getting a good nights rest.

I ask you, What would you do? Would love some feedback!

We are leaving Thursday for Mexico and will be back next Monday. I will post pictures. We are going to the Rivera Maya with Myah!!

Love and Peace to You All!



Carol said…
I enjoy seeing the pictures, and catching up with how the family is doing! I think you should write that children's book! Love ya!