Library Days!


Today I am writing to you from the library at Myah's school. It's the fathers day to read to the class and Jess reads at 10:30 am.

Being here brings back memories. Good ones only! I love the library and book stores. Funny, but I do remember every library in the three schools I went to growing up. I even bought Myah a few books I used to take out in elementary school. My favorite was Robert McCloskey's "Make Way for Ducklings." I can't even tell you how many times I took that book out. As I got older I went through a "Peanuts" phase, much to my mother's dismay. In fifth grade, I learned the Dewey Decimal System and was convinced that I would become a librarian.  In middle school, I discovered SE Hinton and my favorite teacher Mr. Lanterman turned me onto Jane Eyre. Of course Judy Blume overlapped all three school libraries.

When I was a kid, the library that impacted me most was our town library: The McCowan Memorial Library. This is where I got my first library card. I was so excited. Over the years, my friends and I went to the library. It wasn't until High School that I fully appreciated it. Times when I wasn't working at my parents deli or being with friends, I was at the library...sometimes doing homework or papers. Though my favorite thing was to go to the library and pick a random subject and find a book and start reading. I have to admit, I enjoyed doing this the most when high.

This library is special to me because, up until her death, my Mom took 5 books out a week. After she died, my sister went and returned the books she had out. Makes me sad!

The first time I went to the New York Public Library, I was so excited. Of course I went to the big one on 5th avenue with the Lions. I was so overwhelmed and was also kind of discouraged, because I couldn't just go through and pick a random subject and read. Later I realized across the street was the annex that was more like a library. Later on, I discovered the Performance Art Library at Lincoln Center. It has become my favorite.

We loved living near a NYPL on 115th St., better know as the Harry Belafonte Library. Myah went there since she was little. They have a nice play area for kids to play and a great selection of books. Last year, I took her for her first library card. It was so exciting for me, but I'm not sure about her? Though Myah does like to take books out of library. I know she likes her library here at Country Day School. Her teachers tell me that she sits and looks through the books intently. I know she likes story time too!

I love to read and I thank my parents and teachers for giving me the gift of seeking knowledge.

Love and Peace to You All!!



Barb Silverberg said…
I am not so much a library person, but a person who buys books and pass them on. Old bookstores are a favorite of mine. Reading is what it is all about!