Short and Sweet with an Important Message!


This will be short and sweet. I hope! It was a great weekend with Myah's BFFs family. We really enjoyed the girls and the beach. We have stayed at the Cocomar Hotel in Parrita 7 times now since we've moved to Costa Rica. The Beach there is Palo Seco. It's up past Jaco. Jaco is pretty famous because it's a real surfing town. I like Jaco a lot...very honky tonk.

Right now, I am going to brag about my daughter. She has had a real fear of putting her head under the water. In swim class at school, she cried a few times, as going under water was this thing that really bothered her. About a week ago her friends Isabela and Grace both came over to swim. Isabela is a good swimmer and goes under water all the time. Grace was like Myah, afraid to go under the water. That afternoon, Myah (as she put it) faced her fears and went under the water not just once but more times than we could count. Grace also decided to face her demons and went under the water too.

This past weekend Myah swam on her own for the first time without her swimming noodle. She has informed us she no longer needs it in the water. It is great to see my beautiful 4 year old feel her own sense of accomplishment. We are so proud of her!!!


As most of you know, I have bipolar disorder and May is Mental Health Month, so some of my blogs will be on the subject of mental illness and health. I will have some guests writing in on my blog. There are poets and hopefully some mental health professionals.This is a special opportunity to hear other peoples stories and perspective.Thank you for keeping an open mind!

Love and Peace toYou All!



Rosanna Russell said…
Hi G! I've been really crazy busy with the sale of my house & now searching for a new place to buy.... I want to stay in the general area but it looks like I may be priced out. The buyers want to Close & move in around June 25, before the end of June, so that gives me only 7 weeks to get a new place to live! I may end up having to put stuff in storage, rent month-to-month and keep looking until I find a place... Just to let you know why I haven't been active on FB or in keeping up with your blog. I am very happy to see that Myah is taking on her fears & with such intention!!! She is your daughter!! Much love to you, Jesse & the fearless one!