Rainy Season is Here!


We have entered the rainy season here in Costa Rica. It begins in May and ends in November. If you are wondering if it rains all day, it doesn't. The mornings are just gorgeous! It's sunny.  The skies are so blue and the temperature is mild. Then about 1 or 2pm, it starts to get grey. The rain may start at 4 or later. Somedays it doesn't rain at all. When it does rain, WOW!! I've never seen rain like this before. It pours down hard for hours. In a matter of an week or so, everything that was brown is now a lush green.

When I was a kid I loved nothing better than the summer rain...running with my friends in it! All wet and laughing together. It felt like someone let the cork out our bottle and we exploded with joy in the rain. Oh, the smell of the rain was intoxicating.

My summers in NYC were different. I loved the rain there too, but I'd always start out not wanting to get wet as I made my way to the subway. Of course I'd wait like everyone else under the awing of a store. Then I would think, if I run fast enough, it won't be so bad.  My mind went back and forth, then I would go for it! As I went, the rain came down faster! Then my resolve to keep dry was gone and I would enjoy looking like a drenched rag as I make way to my apartment.  The best was running in Central Park in the Rain. There were very few people in the park. No bicycle riders or skate boarders. It's so peaceful running amongst the trees and the backdrop of the city.

We moved to Costa Rica in the middle of the rainy season and lived up in the mountains for a month. It was beautiful up there all the time, but we loved the rain. The house we were staying in was all glass so our view of the down pour was intense. Myah loved the rain. She would get the big umbrella and go out and jump and play in the rain!

One weekend we went to Playa Palo Secco in early August. It was nice to be at the beach and we were upgraded to a nice suite. Unfortunately, the sun didn't stay too long. It rained and we had this beautiful porch that opened out to the front of the hotel. It was filled with palm trees and flowers. Myah with her bathing suit on went out and danced in the rain. Jesse and I looked on with joy at our incredible daughter. Then decided to join her! Three of us now dancing in the rain and laughing! A beautiful family moment.

It's only been a few weeks but Myah puts on her bathing suit, rain boots and umbrella and goes out and plays in the rain. I love that she loves do that! My hope is that she handles all her rainy days this way.

Love and Peace!