Mama lessons


Hard to believe it's Monday again?! What is happening to the time? Everything still is moving fast! I thought things would be slower here in Costa Rica, but they are not.

Myah is finishing her first year of school on Thursday. We are proud of how well she has done, considering how hard it was coming here from New York City.  She made new friends, studies ballet and this summer she will enjoy going to a Yoga camp.

The hard thing for us being parents is watching her trials and tribulations. She has had some problems with a girl at school who started out as her friend, but has serious issues. I pray for this kid and I am serious about that.  In face of bullying, Myah is slowly learning to stand up for herself.  That was something I always had a hard time doing. It used drive my mother crazy! I had no self confidence, but thank god Myah does.

What I have to keep in mind is that my past and old issues have nothing to do with her present issues. I realized I had started to confuse the two. So I'm glad I caught this early on, because it could have become a bigger problem for me and her. It really isn't fair to dump my issues on her like that. My childhood was very lonely even though I had friends. I let people use me and I really didn't have the guts to stick for myself. One of the things I've done so well is to put whoever was my best friend at the time first. What I mean by that is that I stepped back and let her needs come before mine.  Yes being that way, I attracted many narcissistic friends.

I was able to rid myself of this pattern and have friends who love and support me. Blessings is what I call them. I'm a little disappointed that I haven't yet met people like that here. I know I will and I'm trusting God to put the right people on my path.

Love and Peace