Media Fast!


I am on day 14 of a 17 day Media Fast.  I know you are saying a person with Graduate Degree in Media Studies doing a Media Fast? Well, right now the world is in overload and all the news can really suck me in.

Honestly, it's been pretty easy and so freeing. I used to read something about Trump and get so plugged in all day. Walking around with all this anger and fear. It's just not a really good thing to do.  I say this because I have been much more peaceful and calm these last 14 days. We don't realize how much energy taking in all this information uses. During the day I would be so worked up and for what?

I will cop to the fact that I know about fires in California and this is because good friends of ours daughter lost her home. Jess mentioned something about Michael Cohen but I don't remember what he said. Of course I do know the Phillies are in first place in their division and the Yanks are 2nd in their division. To me that is the best news!

One thing I really want to share with you about this fast is that it has taught me how I need to diffuse information I take in. Right now I am creating a new business and this media fast is so important that it has given me the space to do that. When you are on purpose and up to something you need the freedom to create your new reality. You can't come from nothing in this process if you are charged up about the world. This fast has forced me to see how I use my time and where my energy goes.
That's it for now.....

Love and Peace!