My Country Tis of Thee


Today I am reeling from a stupid post on Facebook that this woman made about Colin Kaepernick
She said it's not about racism. Clearly, what he is protesting is the killing of young black men by white police officers. That is racism and we should all be kneeling with him. 

We are not dishonoring our country when we call it to be bigger and better than it already is. Racism and gender inequality are huge issues in the USA today. They need to be addressed but since conservative white men remain in power, the issues remain. These men are afraid to lose their power and, because of that, people of color and women daily suffer injustices. 

I love how all those who oppose Colin claim that we dishonor all the veterans who fought for this country. We've already dishonored them when they came home, by letting them become homeless and not giving them treatment for PTSD. This is an embarrassment to our country. They sacrifice everything for us and we treat them with little respect. 

I  love the United States. It's my home. The American Flag is an awesome symbol, but unfortunately many see this symbol as being one of perfection. My country is not perfect and if we don't address the issues that need to be worked on as a community, than nothing but destruction will come to our beloved country. 

All this fake patriotism makes me sick! Colin Kaepernick kneels because he sees injustice towards young black men. It's a type of silent, non-violent protest that we learned from Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi. Today, young white supremacists are violent in their protests. They killed a young woman just last year. 

The white men's fear makes them angry and they fight in the streets, knowing that nothing will happen to them. The black man has more at stake, because, if he fights in the streets, he will die. Actually, he doesn't have to fight. He can just be walking down the street and get shot. That's why athletes started to point out this injustice. 

It is racism and we need to confront this issue. To me it's surreal that we should judge someone by the color of their skin instead of "by the content of their character."  

Jess and I lived in Harlem for 12yrs. People welcomed us and eventually we became a part of the neighborhood. I truly miss my neighbors. How many white neighborhoods would openly accept blacks that way? I know the town in which I grew up wouldn't.  

Fear is not a way to live. I know I lived with fear for a big part of my life. Just because someone looks different or acts different than you doesn't make them less God's child than you or I. 

Love more. Hate less.

Love and Peace