Back in the USA part 2


This is a late blog post but we came back from Florida late and too exhausted do anything.
I am also very distraught about what is going on in the USA. It has left me with many feelings.

We had good time at St. Pete's Beach. I was able to see two of my closest friends and that was heaven for me, since I haven't made a strong connection with anyone here yet. My friend Heidi took me shopping. It was fun! We hit a few stores and caught up with each other. Then I met my friend Betty and her beautiful new daughter Cadenze. There wasn't enough time for us to spend with her.

This all was clouded by the fact that the Trump administration has won again. And we now have a new Supreme Court Justice who abuses women. Of course what can you expect when the President of the USA grabs pussy when he feels like it! We are only objects to this man and nothing more.

My ambivalence about living in another country is no longer. The anger I feel is so intense. Being raped and molested were two things that really impacted my life. If it wasn't the fact that I was raised by a strong, powerful woman, I might be dead now. My mother's determination and sense of fight is what made me go seek help. I wasn't going to let them win by taking my own life! That is the Terry Rizzolo in me.

I really want to embrace hope and know that justice will be served. It's hard though, and these times are trying for all of us. All I can say is, "vote blue this election day!" If you aren't sure, still vote blue for you wife, daughter, granddaughter, and all the women in your life you care about. Thank You!

Love and Peace