Back in the USA!!!


Well, Thursday I will step back onto the land I love! Good ol' USA!  Yes, I love my native country, even though it's transforming into everything our founding fathers would have despised.  It seems like we don't stand for anything but hate and discrimination...all under the guise of Christianity.

As a Christian, I am totally repulsed because Jesus taught love...not just the love of others but love of ourselves.  When hate is present, it's hard to see the love; but it's there.  The love is always present and it's up to us to keep that in the forefront of whatever we do.

Recently I have written that I have come to a deeper sense of love for myself.  One thing I've learned recently is how much my negative self judgments have been motivators for me to move forward with my goals. But it is really painful to realize. While I have accumulated tons of affirmations that I love, I know that I now have to put new practices in place. Who knew how much pressure I was putting on myself for the most minute things!

There is another love that has been really great. It's the love that has been voiced to all of us women who have been sexually abused. When I finally succumbed to all the agony I was in as an abuse survivor, I went for help. I was alone in a therapists office discussing what happened. It was a lonely road until I went to OA (Over eater's anonymous).  Since I was a bulimic, I used go to "Bulimic and Anorexia" meetings. Everyone in these meetings had been molested or raped. These meetings were hard for me, but I no longer felt so alone.

It's been 28 years since I started my recovery journey. Now, I see Dr. Ford seemingly "on trial." A woman just like me, she had been assaulted and humiliated. Why do we have to defend ourselves when we are the victims?  It's not just being raped; it's what this violent act does to the rest of our lives. I think that is important for everyone to understand.

Through social media, I have felt love from other women in the Me Too movement and women who just want to support us in anyway they can. I love this united front we are creating. Women are really beautiful and deserve to be treated so much better than we are. I have both tears of anger and tears of love for women right now!

I look forward to being in the USA this week. We will be in Florida and I will get to see two of my oldest and dearest friends! These women are two of the most powerful people I know and filled with such love and light!

Love and Peace


bettyloveswords said…
YOU are one of the bravest, most powerful women I know and I am grateful that we are not only friends but SISTERS too. I'm so happy we got to spend some time together and that our daughters, our miracle babies could meet! Going to figure out a way to come visit you in Costa Rica next year. Love you!!!