It's all about 5 now!


Well, right now as I am sitting next to my just turned 5 year old daughter, it's hard to believe she is 5! How did that happen? It goes so fast! I loved 4,3, 2 and 1. What is interesting is how the birthday parties evolve.

When Myah was one, my Mom had a family party in NJ and we had small party of our friends at our apartment. At two, Myah shared her birthday with her buddy Ajani, who is 4 days older than her. It was cute. We had it in the basement of our building. At three, we had a party in our apartment again, inviting family and friends. I made a donut cake for Myah because she loves donuts. Last year when she turned four, we were only in Costa Rica for a few months. We invited her school class to our Condo pool and catered the party. Yes, we catered!!! We had a Princesses themed party.

This year, we had her birthday at Boom Fiesta, a large, three story indoor playground! It's a great place for kids to run, jump and slide around. Some of her class came and our neighbors were there. Loved the theme she chose this year: "Super Hero Girls!  The cost of these parties is outrageous, so  next year it's going to be a beach party in Tamarindo.

Five is such a turning point. No longer a little girl. She is learning to spell, add & subtract. She is becoming very independent.

Jess and I have the great pleasure of guiding her on her journey and seeing her bloom. I love my daughter's heart.  It's filled with such love and kindness.

Grateful to God for loving me enough to give me this child. It's a pleasure being her Mom!

Love and Peace



Carol said…
Love that little girl! 💕💕🎂🎁🎈