"I Like Myself"


Sorry, I have been remiss in writing my blog this week. I've had an intestinal virus. It really kicked my butt.  Still not a 100%, but I miss writing.

My head is spinning with all the things going on in my life right now. First we are raising a beautiful 5 year old daughter. Her social life may kill us! Between all the school functions and birthday parties!! Then making a move to up to the beach that involves selling our house, finding a new house at the beach. Plus getting Myah enrolled in her new school. AGRH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also have some goals for myself. Starting this new business and making money. Losing my baby weight again and getting myself into physical shape again. I miss running and can't really do it here.

So, I want to explode!!!! Instead of just jumping in and getting things done like I really want to. My fear of change is causing my feet to drag. This always happens. It's like there is a part of me that wants to sabotage myself always. I think everyone has that sometime in their life. With me it's my fear around, "Oh, how can I be that amazing?"

Well, I am amazing and not because people tell me so! But because I know I am. But it's just hard for me to accept. Like how I give credit to others for my successes. Humility is a great thing, but sometimes I need to sit and be with my accomplishments.

This blog and some of the content that I've written is so true to my soul.  It is an astounding accomplishment for me.

My illness makes some days harder than others. I have to go with the flow. It makes it harder in that  my anxiety about the most minuscule things can make tasks more difficult to get done. Other days, I just have to push harder because my brain can't focus well. These things can be frustrating, but I am able to get up out of bed and not be depressed. My brain also isn't running out of control.

Jesse is always saying how proud he is of me. I am appreciative of that, but he really doesn't know what it takes. I wish everyone knew what is takes for us inflicted with a Mental Illness just to get through a day. Especially a good day!!!

There is a book I bought Myah about 2 years ago. It's called "I Like Myself!" I love reading it to her and she loves it!  I plan to put this book in Myah's suitcase when she leaves for college. This little book will probably serve her better then.

Cherish who you are and who you are not! We are all works in progress...no matter how old we are!

Love and Peace



Dave Rudbarg said…
I love you and myself too.