I am back!!!!!!


I am back! Last week all my health issues came to head and I was saved by a great hematologist. Turns out my iron and B12 were really low. Got 250cc's of iron injected into me along with a B12 shot. I get another shot this week. In six weeks I go back for tests to see how I am doing.

The shadow of worry is gone, but most importantly I have more energy.  One thing I didn't realize was how I have been walking around in a fog. I wasn't depressed, but I couldn't figure out how things were going to get done because I was so weak and tired.

The day before I went to the hematologist, I was in bed feeling like I was going to die. Here I was pleading with God not to take me right now...on the brink so to speak. Well, I said to myself "instead of pleading to God, why not pray first." Simply praying for comfort at this point. You know what? While praying, I realized that my faith is much more than this and that I trust God. So, I was able let go and trust that I'd be okay either way.

I now have a new lease on life! There is still a ways to go with my health, but I am on my way! Very thankful my bipolar illness is still maintaining itself on healthy levels. Of course, my anxiety was high and that never helps the situation.

Look out world!! Here I come!!!


Love and Peace Forever!


Rosanna Russell said…
Wow! Thank goodness you were able to get properly diagnosed and treated! I do remember you saying about the low iron making it seem like depression ... and I can relate! *As you know, I have not been following your latest posts (my own stuff going on) but I was so thrilled to hear you'll be up here sooner than later! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help out, ok? Glad you're getting back on track!