New York! New York!

Photo by Jesse Epstein

We are back from our adventure in New York City! It took some time to get it together because we all came back with colds. Of course Myah was the only one who went to the doctor.

I know you are all awaiting my musings about our trip. There are a few things that came to me while I was there.  Actually, I haven't really gotten clear on some things, so I may get back to you on them.

My first thoughts on my return to the city was my initial arrival in 1984. How the years had flown by and how different it all played out than I had planned. Memories flooded me every day! Some good and of course some painful ones as well.

This may sound ironic, but New York is where I found myself by dealing with an eating disorder, my bipolar disorder, a molestation and a rape. The city is where I healed and fell in love with myself.  It's also the place where I found love with a beautiful man and gave birth to the most amazing person, Myah!

There had been many people who came and went out of my life while living in the city. Some for the best and others who left the earth long before I was ready.

Another thing that became apparent is that NYC is my home now. It will always be my home. After my mother's passing and selling the family house in Pitman. I kept feeling so I don't have a home anymore! What is so great is I created my home myself without any foresight about the future.
It's now the place where I visit family and friends. It's also a familiar place that I can go hang out and eat good Italian food! Lol!

Now, what about my new home? Well, that's an interesting question.  We have been focusing on Myah and making sure she is thriving here in Costa Rica.  She is doing really well.  What's up for me here? What are my dreams? I am actually looking at this and not sure yet, but it's fun to create more into one's life!

Last thing I do want to say.... That my heart's home is with my Jesse, Myah and our Maise dog.

Love and Peace!