OOOPS!!!!! I forgot Merry Christmas!!!


Merry Christmas everyone! This is our second Christmas here in Costa Rica. Very quiet since most people in our Condominium are away. We will also be leaving for New York on Saturday.

I feel so grateful to have my husband, daughter and little dog with me. Missing my Mom a great deal and have cried some. My Mother and Aunt were Christmas. Something I realize is, that based on the state of the world, I feel very fortunate. My Mother would be happy that all her children are safe and with their families. 

Many be people are separated from their families and others are mourning the loss of loved ones. The world and especially the United States are in bad shape.  

Tomorrow we celebrate the love of Jesus. The birth of his unconditional love for us. May we let that love guide us in our lives and note hate.

Thank you for a great year of sharing my life's ups and downs.

Love and Peace