Tamarindo Here We Come!!

Photo by Jesse Epstein


Have you ever made a conscious choice to live somewhere before? Looking at the pros and cons of the place where you might move to?  My husband and I are doing this for the second time in 2 years.
We are in the "up in the air" stage of our move. All I have to say that it is really uncomfortable here!

In previous blogs I have talked about our moving to Tamarindo Costa Rica!  We are in the process of making this happen.  Moving in your own country is hard enough. Here it's a big learning curve.

Almost two weeks ago we found the house we'd like to buy. It fits all our needs.  I'm excited because the house has double garage so Jess can have a workshop again.  You just know when it feels right. At first, I didn't want to see the place. Pictures weren't good.  We even waited for the realtor to show up.

When the gate opened up and we started to look around, I saw us living there. The same thing happened with the house we live in now. Though I must note that the condo in Harlem where we lived for 12 years I hated when we first saw it.

Everything is okay, even though we have moments of doubt.  When I want something I just move forward with the actions that align with my desire.

Love and Peace