Visita a una Granja Organica


Last Friday we were invited by Andrea, our housekeeper, to her brother's organic farm in San Antonio. San Antonio is up in the mountains above Escazu, the town where we live.

I really love farms, but as you know I had lived in NYC for 33 years. What a beautiful experience it was to be in this place where so many fruits and vegetables were being grown organically. Honestly, I couldn't tell you everything that was growing on this farm. The whole place is wedged up in the mountains.

We were able to roam freely and pick fresas (strawberries).  It was lovely. They had cows, bulls, horses, roosters and chickens. Luckily we were able to feed all of them a little bit. When I am around animals like this, it becomes a spiritual experience for me. I'm just in awe of their beauty.

Now they had 4 dogs all bigger than our Maise, but she held her own! One of the best parts of being there was seeing Maise running freely around the farm. It actually looked liked she was smiling!

Andrea's brother had a bunch of kids who Myah ended up playing with in their playhouse. None of these kids spoke English, but that didn't stop my daughter for joining in the fun. To our amazement, Myah has become so good at adjusting herself to new situations.

When you are there, you cannot help being in awe of the hard work that goes into this place. What it took to build it in the first place. These people don't have modern farm machinery. Costa Rican's may never be on time, but they are really hard workers.

Love and Peace!



Dave Rudbarg said…
These are the good old days.