How I feel about Passover!


I consider myself a spiritual person, but today I am going talk a little about religion. Why? Well, I want to share my experience of being exposed to another religion.

My husband is Jewish and I am devoted to the teachings of Jesus. I didn't say Christian because these days, some people who call themselves Christian aren't very Christ-like to me.

This year Passover and Easter occurred at the same time. Good Friday fell on the first night of Passover.  How perfect was it for us. Jesus last supper was supposedly a Passover seder. It also gave us a way to explain to Myah both of our beliefs. Though Jesse doesn't really practice Judaism, he does celebrate certain traditions and Passover is one of them.

I want to talk about Passover. Passover celebrates the Jews exodus from Egypt. This comes directly from the old testament. The first year I was with Jess and we were going to celebrate Passover, I felt guilty. Like I was going against my God. So, I sat on our bed and thought about this and prayed. What I decided was that Jesus was Jewish and he had celebrated 33 Passovers. Am I better than Jesus?

I attended my first Passover seder with a lot of joy and excitement because I was experiencing something that Jesus had done before me. This is an opportunity to share something directly with the Divine.

For the last 14 years I've celebrated Passover.  It hasn't made me more Jewish, but instead has helped me get closer to my own God. We shouldn't be afraid of other religions. If you are strong in your own faith, why not learn from other faiths the things you can apply to your own. Muslims pray 5 times a day. I would love to be able to do that instead of running to the bathroom and praying from the toilet. Can't say it hasn't been effective, but really I think that kind of devotion would definitely keep me centered on my path.

After the bombings in Sri Lanka this weekend, we should recognize that great tolerance is needed towards those of different faiths so we don't grow up to hate. If we did like Jesus taught us and treated others like we would want to be treated, things like this wouldn't happen.

I have said my "peace" and now I sign off.

Love & Peace!