Let's Limbo


I sat down to write my blog with a few ideas. My first thought was to write about the state of the USA, then women's issues, and my anniversary. Yes, there is a lot to say on all of those topics but I chose something that isn't so easy to write about. What could that be?

I'm going to share with you what I have noticed about myself in reference to our moving to the beach.  The biggest thing that I have noticed since we started to proceed with the move is how everything is "up in the air" so to speak. You make a commitment like this and you basically have to trust that's it's gonna work out. 

My faith is very strong and I believe God will put us in the best place for us. There are two things about that. One is the waiting for it all to unfold and two is that no matter how much work you do towards your goal things may not go as planned!! I also do not like relying on others to move things along. Costa Ricans are lovely people but their sense of time is terrible.

This living in limbo is very hard and I'm ready to move forward with this move and I feel stuck! The feeling of being stuck really stinks! I feel this mostly because of Myah. She starts a new school and I want the transition to be a good one for her. 

All I can do is keep in action. This will help the moving forward process and help me from feeling helpless in this situation.

Wish me luck!!

Chao Gina

Love and peace


Rosanna Russell said…
I really wanted to get a sense of your plans to move to the Pacific coast. I wish I’d been able to visit you in Escazu.
Well I hope everything moves forward smoothly, even if not exactly as you would expect it to. Buena suerte!!