These Times Are Not Changing?


My mind is a jumble of thoughts about what I want to write today. It all started yesterday when Jess and I watched a documentary about John Lennon and Yoko Ono making the Imagine album.
They started in 1969 and I think finished in 1971. It was very cool to follow the creative process of making such iconic album. But that wasn't what really struck me.

What caught me off guard was how much the world hasn't changed. We are still seeking to give peace a chance; we are still fighting racism; and women are still fighting for basic equality and rights over our bodies.

I am a child of the 70's and 80's. That means women empowerment was everywhere. It was so much in the forefront that I became my own version of Mary Tyler Moore moving to New York and becoming a career woman.

Now things are reverting back to the 40's and 50's where women are being forced once again to have back alley abortions and be stay home Moms. Nothing wrong with being a stay home Mom. I am one now.  But I've also had two careers and a graduate level education.

We now have the Klan coming out of hiding with their Nazi friends and Women are losing our rights to controlling our bodies once again!

The thing that women who vote for candidates on the Religious right don't understand is that if our right to choose is taken from us, so will many other choices we have: like going to college, our choice of careers (especially the ones we can't have), and when and how many children we can have.  We are only seen as objects to men, certainly not as full human beings.

When both teen age men and "grown" men get only short sentences for raping girls and women, you have to look at what God you are praying to! Because the Jesus I studied in the bible was only filled with love and compassion for all people, not hate or fear. Hate and fear is man made! Men's hate and fear is so strong that they kill and also brutalize their women.

It's really sad that these men cannot see the value of working with women as equal partners. To cherish us as we deserve and to respect us the way we respect them.

Women are Amazing!!!

And I think the world is in the process of seeing how Amazing we are!!

Love and Peace