Happy Father's Day Daddy!!

Hola Dad,

Well, it will be 19 years since you passed on the 25th. Hard to believe how fast the time has passed. What I remember about that time was your last Father's Day. We all knew you had only a few months left if that.  I'll never forget how I crept my way into the Hallmark on Broadway. The thought of this being the last time I would be buying you a Father's Day Card was unbelievable. Needless to say I cried hard the whole time while picking out the last perfect card.

You were in the hospital still and I asked you what you wanted for Father's Day and you said " A in-son law!" Very Funny Daddy!! I knew you were so afraid to leave me here alone. Truth I've be alone most of my life but I think you knew that!

Now you do have a son in-law and a beautiful granddaughter! I made you a promise not to let my fears get in the way of things I want. Sometimes it's been a struggle to keep this promise. But the life I now have is in large part because of this promise to you and Mommy. That just shows what great parents you were.

It's hard without the both of you. Miss going to 517 Spruce Ave and feeling the love. Remember our night long talks? I miss that! Well, I miss everything! Like I said at the end, I'll even miss your opinions!

Daddy, the world has changed so much.  Hate seems to be everywhere. The acceptance of and respect for others you taught us is becoming extinct. You would never have been able to stand it.

I know Mommy is with you now, but with both of you gone it's hard to get my footing.  Life has changed so much.

Kiss Mommy for me and I send you a million hugs!!



Dave Rudbarg said…
I'm sorry I didn't get to meet him. I know he's incredibly proud of you.