Moving Along......


I apologize for the absence of my blog last week. I was ill with a case of conjunctivitis and a bad cold. Right now I am on the mend so I thought I would get back to writing.

Writing this blog is very cathartic for me, but that's not the whole reason why I write it. In the beginning, it was all about the transition from living in NYC to being in Costa Rica and being Bipolar. Now, I am not Bipolar, but have PTSD instead.

At this point in my journey, most of my traumas are behind me but some anger lingers. The accident that killed my Mom and Aunt Nancy is still hard for me and I know I will work through it like everything else. The anxiety sucks and how to rid myself of it will be an adventure for sure.

Right now we are in the process of moving to Tamarindo on August 1st. We rented a place. Only thing hanging over our heads is the fact that we haven't sold or rented our place here in Escazu. I am asking for prayers that this happens by the end of the month. Thank you!

I'm dreading packing and Jess has started. I have to go through my stuff and Myah's. It feels like a lot, but it always does before you start packing.

Looking forward to the move, but also wondering what it's going to be like living at the beach?!

A new adventure for the Epstein's!!!


Love and Peace!!


Dave Rudbarg said…
I love you and I believe in you all.