The Move is Happening!!


Right now we our in the mist of packing up our house. Boxes everywhere and bare walls. It's hard to believe we are leaving this place after 2 years in Costa Rica.

The one thing I don't understand is why moving is so emotional? I moved a lot when I lived in NYC and every time, it became filled with so many emotions. Granted, some places were more emotional than others. There were the places I couldn't wait to leave behind and those places I will always miss.

You are wondering how I am doing with this move? Well, it's a mixed bag. I need to move for my health and will be able to breath much better at sea level. Also, I will now be able to run on the beach! That's exciting! We will miss some friends and hope they will come to visit. Myah is starting to get sad because she will miss her friends. That's hard to watch.

Jess and I are going to miss our big house. We love this house because it's so open and sunny. Having space is awesome. The pool here is a great rectangular shape so I can do laps. That I will miss. We have a pool where we are going but it's a big kidney sized pool. I will miss Maise chasing after geckos in the back yard. At our new place, Myah's playhouse will be set up by the pool and not right out our back door. I have really enjoyed listening to her imagination in her pretend life.

Now, We are moving to a vacation spot in Costa Rica! It's beach all year round and I love it! My dream come true! I am grateful that my husband loved the idea as much as I do! Myah is excited to live by so much nature. I believe this is a good move for all of us, but like everything else it will be an adjustment.

I was disappointed that we didn't get the house we wanted. We are renting a really nice condo until we find a house we want. It just would have been easier to move right into our home than putting stuff in storage and doing a whole move again. But this is where the trust that "everything happens for a reason" comes in.

The last few months have been hectic and I want to thank God for letting me lean on the love so provided for me and answering my many prayers.

Wish us well!!  The next blog will be from Tamarindo!!!


Love and peace!!


Dave Rudbarg said…
Exactly the attitude you need. I love you all.