Whose More Civilized?


My daughter Myah loves nature, so we tend to read books about all kinds of animals and habitats.She took a book out of the library awhile ago that was about how other animals take care of each other. Zebras and Ostriches seemed to me a weird pair to look out for each other. Actually these two types of animals fall to prey to faster animals than themselves so teaming up make sense. What's so amazing to me about their partnership is that zebras have really good eyesight, but their sense of smell isn't so great.Now, Ostriches really do not have good eye sight, but they have a great sense of smell. So working together, they are better equipped to sense impending danger. How beautiful is that?

With Covid and racial and gender inequality in the world today, this had me thinking: why do some animals help and protect each other, while we seem to be angry and hateful towards each other? When did looking out for others become almost sinister? Especially in the States. 

Why aren't we more like Zebras and Ostriches? Teaming up and taking care of each other?! Why does hate seem to prevail? Do you realize how many Black Americans are killed just because of the color of their skin? How can anyone be okay with that? Or that women still don't get the same pay for the same job as a man?  And for some reason, violence towards women is made to be seen as our fault?!!

I find what's going on in the world to be really repugnant! We are in a pandemic.  Yet people are freaking because they have to wear masks and keep socially distant so we don't contaminate each other! If I have to explain why BlACK LIVES MATTERS to another person on FB or Instagram, I am going to scream!!
It's the 21st Century! Why don't people get it yet?! 

There seems to be less tolerance in the world for love, peace and, above all, kindness. We have come to easily tolerate the blatant corruption of governments, corporations and people. Why? What has happened to our species...taking care of each other?  Wish we were more like Zebras and Ostriches.

Love and Peace!