Holly Go Lightly in Costa Rica!


So lately, I have been feeling homesick for New York. I miss Harlem and all of our friends. Being familiar with everything and being able to move around easier. Having access to whatever I need. I miss people watching and looking at what people are wearing. I miss the anonymity that the city offers. I lived there for 33yrs.

It's obvious that I am a city girl!  I am now a city girl without a city, right?
I live in Guanacaste, Costa Rica,,,a very rural and beautiful place. We have mountains and the Pacific Ocean.  I feel grateful to have landed here.

A part of me just doesn't know what to do here? Some of the things I'd like to do are acting and singing.  There is nothing here like New York, where I have a bunch of places to take acting classes or do an open mic night at a bar.  Here, I really have to seek opportunities to locate or create what I want, all out of my comfort zone.

This is something I really don't want to do!  Definitely fighting with my inner demons. My fear will not win! I have started investigating, but nothing so far.

Yesterday, I posted on FB that I feel like Holly Go Lightly in Costa Rica. It's hard making this transition. When in San Jose, I was more in limbo, because it is still a city and there were a lot of things available.  But we knew we weren't staying there. So now, this is it!

Even if I wanted to go back to New York, it's not the same. The USA isn't the same.  With new elections next year, I am afraid that whatever side wins, there are going to be riots and more shootings. The hate in the country is so strong. Last January when we were there, I couldn't wait to leave. That made me sad.

So here I am...surrounded by beauty, waiting for its inspiration as New York once inspired me.


Love and Peace!