Face It!!


Very excited because I finally received a book from Amazon that I have been waiting for. My friend Josie posted she was reading Debbie Harry"s new memoir. I love Debbie Harry!!! Such an icon and I truly believe without Debbie there would be no Madonna! Another icon!

I love to read! That's because I grew up in a house a of readers! My parents always read and shared what they read. My mother would read some of the books we read, so we could talk about the story together. One of my favorite memories is when I finished the first book that had chapters.  It was over a hundred pages!  My sister and I shared a room and at night before we went to sleep we would read.  It was at night in bed when I finished my first book and I remember telling my sister.  Her response was precious to me. She said "Gina that's so great" with her big smile. It meant so much coming from her.

Now, Myah is learning to read and it is so exciting to be experiencing this with her. Her whole face lights up when she finishes a book by herself. It is too beautiful for words.  I think of all the adventures that await her in the world of books!  There are so many stories I want to share with her!

I tend to like biographies or self help books. Jesse is a political reader though he just read a book about psychedelics by Michael Pollan. My hippy husband! We still read the New York Times and the The Yorker. Films and Books are what we are into. Sometimes they don't mix.

When living and working in NYC I read quite a lot on the subway. If I was reading something really good, I was so excited to get my seat and open my book. Though after finishing Edith Piaf's biography on the train, I made a new rule for myself. NEVER finish a book on the train. Why? Finishing a good book is like savoring a good wine. You need to mull it over and a subway car filled people is not a good place to do it.  Once when I was on the train almost about to finish "Memoirs of a Geisha" I had to stop myself from reading so I could enjoy the ending at home.

I know when you first started reading this blog, you couldn't believe I ordered an actual book, right Well, for an icon like Debbie Harry, I will get the hard copy. Plus I love the title of her book!
"Face It Debbie Harry!"  The title is reminding me of where I am at! "Face it Gina Rizzolo-Epstein you are coming to a new place on your journey and it's at the beach!!


Love and Peace Always!!