Well, here we are in a new year and new decade. All seems ominous to me. Well, that is if you read the news all the time, we are on the brink of doom. Well, we might be but we do what we can to make the world better and our lives have more meaning.

I turned 56 this past October with all the exuberance I had as a single woman living in NYC trying to make a life for herself. That I did! 

So, you may be wondering what am I going to do with all this excitement about my life? Well, it's like this: I am going to keep  moving forward with all the goals I have had and maybe challenge myself in some new ways.

Though, this holiday season has been a challenge for me. Being far from some of my family and friends is tough. It was mostly challenging because I missed my mother so much. It hurts and always will. I am grateful that I could just let myself be sad and also remember the wonderful memories of her love.

This year I am looking forward to taking major leaps in my life! I don't even exactly know what they are but I trust God will guide, support and love me in my pursuits!

I realize I can only make these leaps with a deep sense of kindness, acceptance and love of myself. Please remember we come from the unconditional love of the universe. Treat yourself well. 

Love and Peace!