It's All About the Chocolate!


I want to share how sometimes divine intervention happens. It's a little bit of a story so I will try not to be so long winded.

Our friend Dave is staying with us for 6 weeks. He has had some physical problems in the past few years and we decided to that it would be great for him to miss some of the cold weather in the East this year.

Dave can't go hiking or do some of the other physical activities offered here. He's been enjoying the pool and beach but we wanted to do something else for him.

Every day when we go to take Myah to school, we see sign for a chocolate factory. Of course my husband was the first to point this place out, being he is a major chocolate lover!

Last week as we were going to get Myah from school we saw the  factory signs and decided this would a great place to take Dave. Of course no one would give us an argument about going (Myah).

It really turned out to be an incredible experience. Here in Costa Rica the Cacao bean is grown. Chocolate is made from this bean. It's shelled, grounded, fermented, then processed into Chocolate.

This factory is by no means Willy Wonka's, but that of a true Chocolatier! Chocolatier is basically someone who is artisan who makes chocolate.  In this case Ron who owns and runs the factory is the main Chocolatier.

Ron moved to Costa Rica from Chicago 14 yrs ago. He is same age as my husband Jesse and he also is married to a younger woman and has younger children. They are both are very far to the left when it comes to politics. Both men are great talkers as well. Also, Ron is originally from Cherry Hill, NJ that is very close to where I grew up. He knew my hometown of Pitman.

After being there for several hours testing all different types of chocolates, chocolate tea, chocolate cafe and aperitifs, my husband walked out with a part time job helping Ron with serving customers and with tours.

Jess has been looking for something to do in addition to his work online for Touro College. He's been looking to redefine his sense of purpose. I love that at 72 he still feels the needs to grow as a person, husband and father!

I say this is divine intervention because an opportunity materialized from inquiry and Jess has walked through the door today to his first training! God is Good!


Love and Peace!


Dave Rudbarg said…
Thank you so much for helping to facilitate my healing.
I love you.