These Time Are Changing.......


I haven't written in awhile because I didn't feel like I had anything worthwhile to say. Usually, I am sparked by an event or something I am going through. Well, I am writing now because the whole world is experiencing a horrible event almost at the same time, unfortunately.

The Coronavirus is mobilizing the whole world! Even here in little Costa Rica. And so there are so many thoughts racing in my head right now. There are things I feel politically and things about having a child during this time I'd like to write about. But this is what is most important to me right now.

I am a Mental Health Advocate. It is a cause I didn't chose me! I suffer from PTSD, Anxiety and Major Depression. Thank God I haven't had a depressive episode in 9 years.  But when you have a mental illness, you learn to use tools every day just to get up in the morning.

One the most important things I want to share help you handle this crisis is this:  When I am depressed or feel that depression may be coming on, I do what I can do now.  When I can do more, I know I will.  Right now, all we can do is isolate ourselves from others, wash our hands, listen to what credible experts are saying and pray for a those who are sick and waiting for a cure. When we can do more, we will.

I understand that it's very hard being isolated from people and staying home. Actually I chose to do that most of 2010! But we have to remember that if we don't follow what the experts recommend, we will not only harm ourselves, but others as well. Yet, some people are ignoring these warnings and not staying isolated. It could be that some experts are overreacting, but why take the chance.

There are also valuable tools I use for my anxiety. Writing in my journal is one, because I can get all the thoughts rushing in my head out on paper. It gives my anxiety an outlet. Exercise is also very helpful in handling my anxiety. Even now, we have so many options online to keep us exercising. You Tube is great for this! We've been playing music and dancing in our house.

Having been through some very serious traumas in my life, I recommend this: if you feel like you are having an unbearably hard time, call a hotline; call a friend; or see a professional.  In this crisis, we certainly aren't alone. Every country has been effected by this virus in some way.

Some things aren't going to get done and some of us are now homeschooling our kids. The economy is taking a hit. Here in Costa Rica, the government has closed the borders, the restaurants, bars, and the beaches. I live in Tamarindo, a major tourist town and it's closed down because of the coronavirus. Even though tourism in Costa Rica is a major part of the economy, President Alvarado has shut the country down so the virus doesn't spread.  As of yesterday there were 134 people with the virus and 2 deaths. I know it will be more today.

Right now I am focusing on the things I can do, like making the best of our days with Myah being home from school. Working on my business, writing blog and watching many movies! I am not bragging but I think I've seen Frozen 2 more than a dozen times.

My last piece advice is be kind to yourself and those around you. Help out if you can with your neighbors or volunteer to check up on those home alone. If you are freaking out then freak out! I find avoiding feelings make everything worse.

If you need to reach out please do.

Peace & Love