My Random Act of Kindness


I've been setting up my online business that sells personal development tools. So, since I am selling these items, I am using them myself. One of the exercises that I am doing is to do a random act of kindness each day for 7 days.

This was going really well. Until the other day. I belong to this FB group that is for women in my area of Costa Rica. You can promote your business, share recipes, support local artists, and also ask for personal help. A therapist in the group shared that she had a young client who had been raped and wanted to know if anyone who had gone through this experience could support her by telling their story. Of course I responded because this was fulfilling my random act of kindness. And I know that hearing my story may make her feel not so alone.

I was contacted by her therapist and all set to speak with her yesterday. What happened was the therapist invited 3 other people to share their stories as well. My gut told me that this didn't feel right...all 3 of us sitting around telling our stories might be too intense. She's in the mist of it all and is also young, so three person's experiences might be a lot to take in. 

It just so happened that I had an appointment via video with my psychiatrist yesterday morning and I discussed the situation with her. She agreed with me as well. She said it would overwhelm her. I also spoke to my NAMI coach and Best Friend Lady Charmaine Day. We do presentations for IOOV program to people with mental illness and it's usually 2 of us talking to a group of at least 10.  She also agreed with me and  told me to trust my gut. 

That is exactly what I did. I called and told her therapist that I believed it would be better to do a one on one. To her credit, the therapist really listened to me and I will be going next Wednesday to meet with this young woman. She is meeting with another woman today to hear her story.

I am glad I was able to trust myself enough to follow through on what my gut was telling me. I don't always do that. That is a skill I am getting better at. 

Doing these random act of kindness is about getting out of yourself and helping the world be a better place. I can say in my experience, it has also made me feel useful. The feeling of being useful is always important, but especially in these most uncertain times. 

Please keep safe and wear a mask!

Love & Peace 



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