In Her Honor


Well, today I am writing and I am sad. We lost an icon. Her name is Ruth Bader Ginsberg. She was a fighter for justice and most importantly a fighter for women. Ruth Bader Ginsberg was one of the first women to ever sit on the supreme court in the United Sates.  It's a sad time for all women.

Right now the US is on the brink of civil war and this is just another blow to our nation and to the women of the nation. 

You see, many believe that women's rights in the US are defined solely by the right to safe abortions, but honestly, that is only a portion of what women's rights are about. Our lives generally are governed by men.  Some women are fine with that. Most women are not. 

To me, women's rights are about having equal opportunity in all arenas of life and that the pervasive violence against us that we constantly experience is stopped. Not only do we have this violence forced upon us, but then we are also blamed for it. This angers me beyond anything else. 

Right now, we have these conspiracy theories surrounding childhood sex rings that make me laugh. Women have been trafficked for thousands of years and now you are all like, "this is terrible!"  Really?

You mistreat us and try to control us! When we stand up for ourselves you belittle us. You devalue women all the time. We are mere objects for your amusement. 

No more! We stand up for all women and especially our sisters of color. We are not here to be objectified or used. We are here to create and contribute right at the table Ruth so believed we should sit at. 

The White man's fear has corrupted our world and now it's time we stand up and march into the room where important decisions are made. We aren't coming to dominate and take over. Our place will have equal standing in the room and what we have to contribute will cover everything in the world. No longer will the acceptable point of view be only a man's perspective, but one that is inclusive to all members of society.

You also have to stop keeping people of color from being in that room as well. The world is so diverse and beautiful. How can we defy the world God created? I believe what is happening now is taking  place because we have rejected the beauty and love that God had put into creating the universe we live in. How sad our creator must be.

I pray that love overcomes hate. I pray that all people are treated as equals and that all important matters becomes open to the diverse world we live in. That will bring harmony and peace.

Love and Peace