Where's My Vaccination?!



So life in the big CR is sucky today. Found out today that even though I am a resident and have a medical issue, I may not get a vaccine soon because they don't have enough. People with medical conditions aren't being taken first. Those that are 80 and over have had theirs here. Now they are doing people in their 70's.  Personally if I was in my 80's I wouldn't get a vaccine if I knew I was taking it from someone younger who had diabetes or a blood disorder like mine.  I went to four offices and got the same story. I pestered my doctor to give me a letter in Spanish indicating that I had thalassemia trait. I can't breathe in the mountains here, so what do they think will happen if I get COVID? 

My concern is for my daughter. She is 7 and scared I will die if I get COVID. This whole pandemic has been a complete mess everywhere! I am just tired of people's selfishness and anger. Like wearing a mask is so pervasive. I had a period for 43yrs...talk about pervasive!! I mean really what is wrong with people.

I can't go back to the states because they're killing Blacks, Asians and Jews!  It's just awful!  You have to wonder about people's humanity? Especially when they are in your family! 

You know when you're frustrated and you realize that there is nothing you can do? And that just makes you feel more frustrated! 

To think I did my gratitude list today! I feel like I am doing the the things in my life to move forward and I am still in the same place. I know that's not true but it's my feelings. 

Thanks for listening to my rant! I am going to write in my journal and Let Go and Let God!

Love and Peace