The Drum Beat of Life



I was just doing some personal development work. I had this exercise where I had to look at what type of drum beat represented my life. This felt very confronting because I know my drum beat is frantic one with occasional rests. I think techno would best describe my beat.  

Frantic with fear, I seem to want to get somewhere other than where I am.  Moving forward and creating things you desire in your life is awesome. It's something about myself that I am proud of. That being said, I really see how I push myself with fear and a lack of compassion for myself.  Honestly, I don't do that with everything, but when I am working on goals and trying to overcome obstacles, I do. 

I really don't think I am different than most people. We all have our stuff.  It's when you deal with your stuff that you see how you really operate.  There are things about myself that I like and there are others things...well, I don't like. 

This is really the point of personal development. 

In personal development, you are made to look at yourself to see what is working and what is not working in your life.  Then you can chose what to use to move yourself forward towards the life you desire. We typically have a lot of dismantling of stories and behaviors that work against us and where we want to be.

So, part of this exercise was to come up with a new beat for the drummer in my life. I decided on the category of Calm Vibes on Spotify with some nice ocean waves. I am going to keep this beat in my head so when I go back to the frantic beat ( I know I will), I will think of the calm vibes and ocean waves.

Personally this is a great tool to add to my repertory in dealing with my anxiety. I pass what I've learned onto you. You can chose how to use it or not.

Love & Peace