My Happy Place!


Photo by Jesse Epstein


On November 4th, I fell off a horse while cantering back to the farm where I take riding lessons. I broke 2 ribs and have a small crack in my shoulder blade. It sounds more dramatic than it was. So, I am now in a sling so not to aggravate the healing of my shoulder, and I have another 2 weeks before I head back to the clinic for follow-up x-rays. It's really incredible how our body can heal itself. I'm amazed how each day I feel little better. 

So, why I am I writing about this? 

Horseback riding at Finca Las Garzas has become a "Happy Place" for me. Two things you should know: one is that over 30 yrs ago, I didn't even know one could have another Happy Place other than my Grandparents apartment in Haddonfield, NJ. The other is that this insecure, frightened fat girl (I used to be) would never have thought her happy place would be on a horse. Though I've always loved horses because they have a majestic quality to me. 

When we first went to Finca Las Garzas for a tour over 2yrs ago I rode my first horse. What really surprised me as I was getting on the horse was the lack of my usual anxiety when doing something new and a bit scary. Sitting on top of this beautiful equine, the sense of peace and calm that came over me is something I can relate to past spiritual experiences. It was as if all God's grace was with me in the saddle. Then riding through the beautiful 100yr old Costa Rican Farm was definitely something divine. 

Myah, my daughter, has been riding there for 2 years now and I decided last May to take lessons so I could ride with her. I've enjoyed learning to ride, trot and canter all this time. I get so excited for my Friday lessons that I am almost giddy. Love my trainer Claudia who is from St.Louis and one of the most inspiring young woman I've met in a long time. Riding in this beautiful place is bliss and when I am cantering I feel so joyful!  Thus! My happy place!

I think having a Happy Place for yourself is important for your spirit and mind. It's a different kind of therapy.  With traditional therapy you come to a place of clarity and a sense of yourself. A happy place is where there is a  presence of joy, peace and sheer bliss.  

When I lived in New York City, Central Park was my happy place. I would run with my music in my ear phones blasting, people watching and enjoying the beauty of this park that is in the center of the cement jungle I lived in. It was the hardest thing about leaving the city for me. It took me close to 5yrs to find a new happy place but I did! 

Yes, I live where I can walk to the beach and I know for some the ocean is their happy place. For me the ocean is a very spiritual place. I've always been under the impression it's one of the places God likes to hang out at. It's my altar and when I am at the beach my heart is filled with love and I always say a prayer. Actually it's my favorite place to pray and give thanks to God. Swimming in the ocean is like a celestial bath for me. Always have felt that way. 

In these times I think it's important that we look for places that make us happy, calm and joyful. We are  inundated with so much media from our phones, computers and television. It's nice to find a place that makes us happy and feeds our souls.

Love and Peace