Hate! Why so popular?



I don't know about you but I am world weary. Every day in the news there is some tragedy happening and most of it is based on hate. When did hate become so popular? What happened to, "it's ok to disagree with someone without becoming violent."

It makes me sad for my daughter to live in a world that will persecute her because she has a Jewish last name. She isn't Jewish because I'm not. In Judaism the mother is the bloodline that passes down their heritage. I am an Italian American and raising my daughter on the teachings of Jesus.

Now, I've read the bible twice a long time ago, but I never read where Jesus hated. I don't equate hate or inclusion with Jesus. Actually the opposite. I live by his examples of love, compassion, generosity, and forgiveness.

All of a sudden diversity is forbidden and our history has been distorted. Book banning is acceptable. This scares me because it's not just in my home country of the USA but all over. 

My question is what are people afraid of?  I mean hate comes from fear and the unknown. We condemn  people because they don't live by our standards. Well my standards are just that mine. I have no right to impose my beliefs on others. 

The whole gender bias and how people react to me is unfortunate for those brave enough to be themselves. To me that's the fear. They are being themselves and others are afraid to do that for themself. I admit as a cis gender woman that I don't know all the pronouns and get confused myself. It doesn't mean I don't respect their right to refer themselves as whatever they want to. 

I saw something the other day where someone was complaining that social emotional learning was teaching kids to have empathy towards Gays. Empathy is one of the secrets of life to me. Empathy is for ourselves as well as others. Social emotional learning is for your children to learn how to express their  feelings and  how to control them. 

There are so many fearful people out there. I understand their anxiety because I have major anxiety disorder but honestly my anxiety has to do with my own limitations and lack of action in my life. 

I lived in NYC for 33 years and it is one of the most diverse places in the world to live. That's the big reason I wanted to live there. We learn from each other and can relate to each other. We have more in common then not but fear is a dangerous thing. 

You may ask yourself why you fear the LGBT community or people of color? And men and white women what you fear about the women's movement for equality?  I would guess change! 

Change good or bad is always a challenge but in my experience good comes out of any change.If it's bad a lesson is learned and if good shows that you can create good in your life..

Someone told me "Fear is not of God." something this anxiety ridden women says almost every day. 

Love yourself wholly and heartedly always!