Living in Black & White



As the world forges ahead in fear, anger and war I find myself falling more in love with life. Not sure if that is because I turned 60 in October with the realization that I never felt better or looked better. The irony about this is when I was a fearful angry young woman at war with myself the world seemed more peaceful with compassion and empathy. 

We tend to generalize people and their humanity today. It's so black and white when our world is filled with many hues.  I remember when I first started therapy in my 20's, everything to me was black or white, but my therapist taught me that life is shades of grey. It's in those shades that I found compassion, empathy, honesty, respect and healing for myself and others. So, here is why I have hope for the world.

It's not easy because we are all connected via social media and it doesn't matter what news outlet you subscribe to, they all promote fear. So, if you are plugged into many platforms out there, you will be pulled into this communal fear. I personally don't know how to break this cycle. Even if you exclude reading the standard news, there is Facebook, Instagram, Tic Tok, X (twitter)and a plethora of others. 

Social media has given a platform to those who never had a voice to speak their opinions including myself. It can get so mean spirited because we aren't face to face and there's an entitlement to favor ones own opinion over another's. I am guilty of this when a man posts some opinion on women that is negative or has limiting ideas at who we really are but that's for another blog.

So many people feel disenfranchised right now and who can blame them. Especially, in the States when once we were a manufacturing country.  Now all manufacturing is outsourced from Asia. It's sad that owners of these companies amass more money than they will ever be able to spend in their lifetime or their great grandchildren's lifetimes. Instead they should be bolstering their own country's industry and economy. I am not knocking that people shouldn't have wealth, because I am creating my own right now, but if God is good enough to provide me with such wealth than I feel an obligation to support my world community. 

For me the more I come from love and less from fear, I get to tap into a peace that totally belongs to me. Creating our own worlds filled with less hate and more love of self and others will bring peace to the world. Let's concentrate on Love and compassion for each other's humanity. 

Love and Peace to all of you!