Job Hunting......


I'm in the process of looking for remote work with some travel involved. Boy, it's really tough out there! Especially, when you are living in another country, and want to be working in your home country.

I've been on this quest for sometime. The journey has been challenging and uncomfortable at times. As it still progresses, I am wondering what is out there that I might be missing? 

The world is constantly changing and with it is our technology. It's very hard to keep up with all these new programs that seem common in the job market these days. 

For a 60yr old woman I am pretty tech savvy, I think? Well, I'm learning Miro and I've started using Trello. I know how to edit video, but it's something I'd rather not be doing unless its my own film. 

What I am most excited about in working is bringing my experience and translating a lot of the personal development work I've done to empower the people I work with. I spent 2 years in a team management leadership program, coaching various people to personal success. That's a really good feeling, plus in the process, I transformed myself from fabric manager/buyer to filmmaker.

Yesterday was hard because it was one of those days where I was so frustrated with this whole job hunting thing. I get so angry because I decided to create myself as an employed executive and usually when I decide for it to happen I want it to happen now! God, of course, has his own timing and I have to patiently await what is intended for me. 

That doesn't mean I am resting on my laurels. By no means can that happen. I have said my prayers and intentions, but I am in a constant motion of learning and creating opportunities for myself, networking and sending out resumes.  My poor resume has been revised so many times! I have developed a love/hate relationship with LinkedIn along with other various job boards. 

I've done a lot in the last 7 months and am not giving up by any means. Some days are harder than others and there are days with conversations with recruiters and networkers that make me feel that it's good to carry on.

What I do know is if I stick with my commitment to my future for myself and family that it will happen. It may not look exactly how I envision it, but that's okay. As long as the basic theme comes through. 

Eleven years ago, I was pregnant with my daughter and she is a testament to my commitment and, above all, to an answered prayer that has exceeded all my expectations so far! So I know with what I have put out there in my prayers, intentions and work, that it will all come to fruition.  

I'm laughing as I write, because yesterday I was anything but optimistic. I screamed in my journal for at least 5 pages! And here I am all ready again to receive with patience!  It's a rollercoaster of different emotions every day. I'm grateful that I feel good at this point in my life and look forward to what is coming my way.

Love and Peace