The Help

Sunrise out by our pool


After 3 weeks in our house and 2 months in Costa Rica I want to give you an update.
Well, today's update is that I'm tired. Of course I am tired and my body is tired.
This has been a tremendous transition. Jess has lost weight and I've probably added a few pounds. Myah looks so beautiful and big! My husband and daughter have ants in their pants and can't sit sit still. That means Jess is always around the house doing things and Myah wants to play. Well, I am always looking to nap, cook or do my blog. Maise is just content wherever she is as long as it's not in our small apartment in New York. I am whining but I am going to say this. "I feel like everyone in the house gets what they want but me."  This isn't true but sometimes I feel this way.

Right now my dilemma is finding a live in maid. A maid you say! Yes, very common to have live in maid here. We actually have a room for her off the kitchen. At first I thought this is weird and do we need to have one? Mercedes was our cleaning woman for almost 2 years and our Marlenny was Myah's babysitter since she was 4 months. So why am I troubled by a live in made? It could be the live in part but the actual reason for having a live in maid is child care. Jess and I need some time alone.When I think of having a maid I think of 1930's movies.  Would love if Hattie McDaniel or Zazu Pitts were my maid.  It would be a blast!

It just isn't fun finding someone here.  Well, we know I don't speak the language. There are services but they cost. I've been told that the best way is to get a recommendation. I spoke to my realtor Patricia and she has been looking. My new neighbor Esmerelda speaks both English & Spanish told me that she would ask in the Whatsap group the neighbors are on for recommendations.  Her husband Luise told me she had someone & would I like to join the Whatsap group. I did this and everybody speaks Spanish on there. Very frustrated because I have translate what they said then I have write what I want to say back. Lots of copying and pasting. Now Patricia (my realtor) told me to find out what other people are paying their maids because they all talk so better to pay the same. Now I have to ask these women what they pay their maids. Right now I am an outsider so not feeling comfortable doing this.  I may ask Esmerelda to help me. I don't  know maybe not fair.

More on my maid saga Friday.