Tsunami Warning!

Well today was different. I woke up looked at my phone and had a message from CNN saying there was an earthquake in Mexico and Tsunami warning for Central America.  I'm like shit! I live in Central America! Then I look to see if they say Costa Rica and of course they do! My first thought was great we finally moved here and now we are going to be swallowed by great big wave! I imagine a Tsunami to be like being on an over crowded subway. People keep pushing in and in so there is no room to move or breathe! After all this panicking, I remember I live in the Central Valley and we are 3200 ft. above see level. Of course I went downstairs to the kitchen to confirm this with Jesse. Mexico is in our prayers. The worst earthquake in a 100 years. Wow!

What struck me after all this Tsunami talk was how I feel like my life is like a big wave that has come over it with a big cultural change, trying to get a house in order, making sure Myah is being supported in this big life change we made, and that we reinforce that she is loved and safe. That Jesse and I keep our marriage growing. We don't want to leave anything to the wayside.

Yesterday, was Tsunami day. It didn't start that way. It wasn't until we took Myah to school and hit horrendous traffic. We just got there when the bell went off. We are Epstein's and we are always early.
When we got home, Jess and I were feeling that we wanted to be close and decided to fool around. It was sweet but I have my period so didn't feel at my sexiest. This is the part that makes me crack up. After wards, we are both laying there naked on our phones! Jess just signed onto Instagram. Then our door bell rings and we both jump! Jess gets dressed and goes to answer the door. I was freaked out! Then Jess calls up to me to come down because it's our neighbor with info on getting a maid. So, I jump up put my clothes back on and run downstairs. Our neighbor was being so helpful by giving me a service that she had success with. It turns out it was the same person I had talked to a week ago. Can I tell you how fed up I am with this maid situation!! I realized yesterday that this whole live in thing makes me uncomfortable. The reasons that a stranger will be in my house and she will be taking care of Myah at times. Myah loves her NYC babysitter Marlenny so much. Marlenny has been watching Myah since she was 4 months old. Marlenny has become like a second daughter to us. She is family. That is what I have to remind Myah that no one will ever replace Marlenny but we can allow new relationships in her life. Marlenny and Myah are a beautiful pair. I love to watch them together! Some mothers might resent this relationship because of the closeness. How could I resent someone loving my daughter so much. Actually the night before we met Marlenny I prayed for the right person for us to watch Myah. The next day this beautiful curly haired angel came in to our lives. We all miss her!

Now, back to the rest of my Tsunami day! After the  neighbor leaves I get in touch with Monica the woman at the maid service on WhatsApp. We go back and forth on everything for the rest of the day.
It is finally time to get Myah! A favorite time of day for me. I tell Jess that I need to get my prescription filled and need to go to Walmart to get toothpaste for Myah and band aids.
Now the day started to collapse here because we asked Myah if she wanted to do errands before or after lunch? DUMB!!! She wanted to go home for lunch first. Jess wanted me to get my prescription so we did that but ran into serious traffic that made my husband a grumpy old man. Look I need my drugs to help me function and I am not apologizing. It was just a chain reaction of miserable. Finally we get home have lunch and Myah starts crying because she doesn't want to go to Walmart. Now, we could have waited but the traffic wouldn't be so bad at this hour. She gave me such a hard time. I felt angry because it's something that needed to be done and felt like when I want to do something it's an ordeal. Took my bag and sat in the car. Jess got her shoes & socks on.  As she is crying he tells her in life we have to do things we don't always want to.  He was right but I thought God does she have learn that now she is only going to be four in a month. I would have said exactly the same thing but it just hit me. She cried most of the way until we got to Walmart. They have this escalator you put the cart on and she likes doing that so the mood changed. We found what we needed then took opportunity to buy birthday present for Myah's classmate Ari(my daughter corrects me because every time I say his name it's wrong).Then Myah asked for a treat! I thought a treat!! You've got to be kidding? She asked so forgivable and I said no to about three things she wanted. Then I picked up a basket of play food for her kitchen and she was excited. So we went with the plastic food. Of course she was excited to play when we got home. She and I played grocery store. What fun we had! Though she did charge me $2.00 for my groceries! I'm saying that because I only charged her $1.92!

The rest of the day was the calm after the storm. Thank you God!