Parenting and Black Friday


My apologies on being a day late.  My plans for yesterday's blog have somewhat changed. The day started well with getting good news at the doctors. I should be getting my energy back soon.

We were going to celebrate by having family picnic at the pool. Myah was so excited. I had to finish the blog and Jess was washing and grooming Maise. Myah was helping. We seemed to think she was ok, waiting to get my blog and the dog done. Obviously, that was not the case because Myah took Maise's collar and hit my computer screen, leaving a big crack in it.  It's is so upsetting. But I took her and we talked about why she did it.  She said she wanted me to pay attention to her and go to the picnic. I felt awful.

I usually do the blog when she is in school. Sometimes it doesn't happen that way but it doesn't take me long to write.  However, she isn't used to me working. It's always been the two of us in the daytime. Another change for this kid. I feel it's important for her to see me doing work even though I am not leaving every day to go to work. It brings up stuff when I was 7 and my Mom went back to work. I felt so abandoned. That's not how I want my baby to feel. The truth is I am here all the time. But it's hard to reason with a 4yr old. I just have to reassure her.

We did talk that it was ok to be mad at Mommy & Daddy and she can tell us what it that is she is upset about. I also reiterated that she could tell us anything. I know as she grows up that won't happen. I even did a run through with her of what it would looked like if she came and told me she wanted to spend time together. Myah did a good job. She was punished.  Just hope she learns her lesson. Oh course I feel awful as her parent, but Jess says that's bullshit!

Needless to say our day was a bust after that. Then I slept for awhile, though she was in bed with me and we watched TV together.

I wanted to write yesterday that Costa Rica is no different than the USA when it comes to retail. They both decorate for Christmas before Halloween, and both celebrate Black Friday! It's wild! The ever pervasive capitalistic American culture. Look I'm not complaining, because I like shopping. It's just not as different here as I thought it would be.

Missing New York a little, but to be expected! Especially my friend Dave.

Love and Peace To You All!!!




Dave Rudbarg said…
Very powerfully written.........