Back to the Grind


Finally able to sit down and write to all of you. We had a wonderful vacation as you can see in some of the pics I've posted. It was an adventure for sure.

Well, I've finally started to go live when I was away. Had some nice feedback. Was nervous that I couldn't pull it off, but who am I kidding, I am a talker! There will be more live videos and hopefully I will be doing more interviews this year. I do request that you make comments on my blog post after you read. Need to know how I am doing and if there are any questions you may have for me. Thank You.

Right before the Christmas vacation I had a session with my therapist Marlene...who I love by the way. I casually mentioned something about that, since my Mother's accident, I am always waiting for the ball to drop! Like something bad is going to happen. Marlene put a few questions to me and we had a really heavy conversation about all the fears that have come up since my Mom and Aunt were killed.  Marlene concluded that I have PTSD...but not all the symptoms, just this one where I feel bad things are going to happen. My Christmas Present!

My anxiety has been really intense since we left NYC. My hands shake because of my mood stabilizer, but right now I am in the process of lowering my dose because my psychiatrist and I agree I don't need the higher dosage. This medication just evens me out, but does nothing for the anxiety. The reason I bring this up is my hands don't shake at this lower dosage. But if you saw my hands right now, you would still see them shaking.

That's due to my anxiety. It wasn't this bad in NYC and I realized one treatment that I am missing here is acupuncture. In New York, I went every week to this Acupuncturist Kristina. She treated me for my bipolar and anxiety. So, this intense anxiety about something terrible happening wasn't there. Now I have to figure out how to deal with my anxiety. My search for a new acupuncturist is on. I really need a Chinese Doctor. There are other things I could be doing. I feel like big changes for myself in 2018 and beyond.

I said this was my Christmas Present before...right? It is because I see something that has been holding me back and I get to heal it. It's never a bad thing to work on yourself.

Love and Peace to You All,



Dave Rudbarg said…
I love the way you take care of yourself. Very very proud of you......
Barb Silverberg said…
Gina, it sure sounds like you are on the right path of self-care. You are quite astute to what you need and continue to seek it! Keep it up, girlfriend!