Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! I hope you are all enjoying your day! I'm here in Coco Beach Costa Rica with my family until tomorrow where our adventure takes us to San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.

I love traveling and experiencing new places. I really like Coco Beach. I have spoken live on both my Facebook fan page and my Gtopia Live Wires! Today will be more live of me live at Coco Beach!

One of the the things that I don't like about New Years is New Year resolutions! On the internet and in the news was about resolutions. A New Year and a New You! Such bullshit!! The diet industry loves New Year resolutions! Big time for them.

My aversion to resolutions is attributed to the fact I could never keep them and being someone who had struggled with my weight and life in general I wasn't living a life I love. The New Year isn't going to  make all your hopes and dreams come true you are! Yes, I wish you Happy New because I want it to be a year in which you are Happy and not beating your self up for not fulfilling your resolutions.

But goals are a different story! Look I've lost 114lbs and kept all but about 20lbs off for 11years. I married a wonderful man and at 49 had a beautiful daughter! I also went back to school and then finished grad school. These were all goals that took more than a year. The thing about goals is there aren't absolutes, as much as taking them on and moving forward. The fact is that sometimes you move forward quickly and sometimes you get stopped. Getting stopped is an opportunity for a breakthrough. When you set goals, there is no good or bad...just whats so. This why I believe in goals. I also don't wait until Jan 1st to make them.

My goals were floating in my head, but I wrote them down in October and my friend Lady Charmaine Day is holding me to account. My book is most important and along with my well being are the two top goals!

Moving to Costa Rica was a big goal that happened quickly! The impossible was starting this blog. You have no idea how hard it is to do this? I love it and I love everyone who reads it.

Write Your goals, not resolutions! Let go of expectations! Would love to hear from you!

Love and Peace to You All!!