Still Have Vacation on the Brain


Yes, as my title suggests I am still in vacation mode. It's hard because Myah is still not back to school yet and the neighborhood kids are out as well. Have very little desire to jump out of bed into my day when I can stay and cuddle my little girl! I know you're thinking why not cuddle Jesse?! Well I would but 4yrs ago we had this beautiful baby girl and ever since then, it's strategic planning for cuddling and other physical activities!

I think the hardest thing about getting out of vacation mode is the fact I live in Costa Rica!!! There's the bright sun, warm weather, the Pool and Palm Trees! How am I supposed to do this?!

When I lived in NY, another vacation destination, it was easy to get out of vacation mode. The crowded trains, buses, and streets could kill a vacation in 5 minutes of being out in it. Another vacation killer in NYC for me was tourists! Now when you come to NYC remember the city is very high energy, so you need to walk with that same energy because if don't you can get hurt, pick pocketed, or worse...have a hostile New Yorker yell at you!

So, what do I do to get of vacation mode? Well, nothing. I've decided to let go and let the natural evolution of my authentic journey unfold by itself.

Peace and Love to You All!



Rosanna Russell said…
I am sooo sick of the frigid cold here in NY!!! *I'm not sure how many of your readers are in the NYC area so I've got to defend NYC. I hope you were just hyperbolizing about getting pickpocketed if you don't walk fast enough! I don't know how common pickpocketing is these days. Now that I'm retired, I find myself meandering around all over Manhattan,Brooklyn.. the Bronx, the subways, and I haven't seen (or heard of) anyone pick pocketed. Hey, you have to be aware no matter where you walk, but I know that pickpocketing is a much more common occurrence in cities throughout Latin America, than in NYC. And I have cousins coming in from Argentina and other places as tourists pretty regularly & no one has had a problem ever. Now San Jose, that's a different story. Hay que tener cuidado, y en Buenos Aires, mas todavia.