Vacation Day in Santa Ana


Today, I thought I'd share what it is like for us living in this tropical country. January, February, and March (so far) have been really lovely. It's strange to be in the pool or at the beach, while back home our friends and family are suffering the perils of winter. Every once in awhile, Jesse and I will say "I can't believe it's winter and we are wearing shorts." 

We live in the central valley and the weather here is usually between 70-80 degrees with a breeze. At nights, it goes down to the 60's. The wind can be pretty strong some days and even though the temperature is mild, the sun can be very intense because we are close to the equator. 

Last Saturday (Sabado), we drove up into the mountains to see the wind mill farm. Ninety-nine percent of Costa Rica's electricity comes from renewable sources. It can be done!  We see the windmills every day on our drive to Myah's school. The mountains are so beautiful!

The drive was about 30 minutes. It's funny how the temperature drops considerably as you go up into the mountains. It was windy up there! What a view; and the windmills look elegant as they produce energy for the towns below. 

After, I left thinking I love living in place where I feel like I am on vacation!  Palm Trees and gorgeous weather! Then it hit me ! I lived in NYC for 33 years and it's a vacation destination for many people. I know that, because of the number of tourists that pour in the city of 8 million every day. Not a fan of tourists in NYC. 

I took for granted how I could  get on a train or hop a ferry and be somewhere different. How the theatre was at my door step and could see exhibits at many different kinds of museums. Central Park with it's history, theatre, restaurants and it's divine nature.
Photo by Jesse Epstein

Still, I love my Palm Trees and warm weather!  And for now we are here to stay!

Love and Peace to You All!