Inspiration for Monday

Happy Monday!!! I am being positive in that statement. It's always good to start the week on a good note. Yes, I am working for myself and I live in Costa Rica, so you think it's easy for me to say that. Well, it is!!! In all seriousness, I worked in the fashion industry for 18 years and had a documentary film company with my husband for 4 years. It also took me about 2 years to get pregnant and that's a ticket to the anxiety express!  I also have a mental illness that sometimes can feel like a rope tied around you while you are pursuing your dreams.

You may wonder what keeps me motivated and starting my week on a good note? Obvious answer is my daughter Myah! Her love of life and sense of adventure surely puts me in a good place. My other motivators are the people I call friends. All my friends are up to something in their lives and always amazed at their accomplishments. They keep me on my toes! If you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people!

My friends aren't just inspiring, but they really support me and the things I am up to in my life. They believe in Gina when Gina doesn't believe in herself at times. My gratitude goes way deep for these people and thank God for the blessings they are.

My husband Jesse is a big support, but we are more of a team! That's the way we tend work our marriage. We pick each other up at different times. When we set to create something new, we throw ourselves into it. We like being with each other and that's what's made having a business so much fun.  Yes, I thank God for him every day!

Wherever you are in your life, look around for the things you are grateful for! You will be surprised!

Love and Peace to You All,



Dave Rudbarg said…
You are the bravest most badass woman and love muffin I know......
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