Missing You! New York!

Photo: By Jesse Epstein


I am going to admit to all of you I am homesick for New York City. Summer in the city is for me! My life here is good and have a lot to be grateful for but it's a bit suffocating. Very suburban. I know I probably whined about it before.

The things I miss are accessibility to every thing. Easy access to culture and I miss the theatre!I miss my cousin Gary and his tribe. My old Harlem neighborhood. Miss the old ladies sitting out by the stoop in the summer. Central Park I miss you so much! The park is probably what I miss the most.  Some days it is really hard to keep my mind off it.

Then I remember why I was so anxious to leave. We needed space. The tight apartment was getting to me and there are so many people in the city. I think 8 million. New York has a very manic energy to it and was great when I was younger. Now, it's all static energy to me. I wanted peace and calm so I can maintain my moods. After the election Jesse and I were even more zealous about moving.

All the White Supremacists and Neo Nazis who came out and backed Trump scared us. We wanted Myah to be safe and have a good childhood. That is something that is not guaranteed in the good ole USA anymore.  She is are main reason for leaving so soon. Yes, there are times when we think we should of stayed to fight.

The country seems to be on a downward spiral with this awful president. My hope lies with the women and all the other minorities. Every day it something else with this guy. If I was in the country I am most sure I would be more of an anxious mess.

I sit here now with my longing for NewYork and the chaos of the world. Hoping to find my own place here in Costa Rica.

Love and Peace!



Carol said…
You will, it will take time. It's good to reminisce about good friends and times! Hugs and kisses to all! 💞