Tamarindo! Here We Come!


Well, today is a busy one because we are leaving for our 11 day trip to Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Tamarindo is on what is considered to be the Gold Coast. It's about 4 hours north from our house. I love to travel but the packing and unpacking is something I always dread. Packing for my 4.5 yr old daughter is a challenge. She has her own definite ideas about what she wants to wear. Sometimes, to get my way, I pull the "Listen, I have a fashion degree!" Most times I don't, because her self-expression is important.

Excited to leave this for this trip, because I have heard so many good things about Tamarindo. We are also exploring the possibility of moving up there. We have already contacted schools to visit and our friend Steve is going to hook us up with a friend of his who has lived up there a long time. Will contact some realtors too.

Of course, we are going to have to fun too! There is a lot to do, but remember it's the rainy season so our time to enjoy the natural surroundings is somewhat limited to the time before it rains. Here, it usually rains in the late afternoon, but it might not be the same in Tamarindo. 

The great thing about this vacation is that we get to bring Maise with us! I love Costa Rica because it's such a dog friendly place. It never feels the same when we can't bring her with us. The funny thing is she loves going on vacation. She runs on the beach or lays at the pool, but never goes in the water unless we put her in to cool off. I never saw a dog dislike water so much.

We are staying at the hotel Luna Llena in Tamarindo. It has a bunch of bungalows near the beach and of course with a pool and restaurant. I have to finishing my packing and get ready to leave.

Will post pictures and maybe do a video or two. 

Love and Peace