Photo by Jesse Epstein


Well, slowly getting back into my life after 3 weeks of vacation. I haven't wanted to do anything! My mind and body are trying to catch up. Let me tell you, when you are bipolar it's a major feat!

This morning I was reminded I wasn't the only one struggling with this. Myah has been going to Yoga camp this week. Today she didn't want to go. She was tired and wanted to just cuddle with her Mama. We always think our kids are okay going with the flow, but it's not always so. Of course, she did go to camp, and, of course, she was so happy to be there once we arrived!

Myah has voiced her opinion about moving and she isn't a big fan. We totally understand that she finally feels somewhat settled and how hard it was to go to another school. Making new friends again! At this age, she doesn't understand all the reasons why we want to leave. This is hard for us, because we think think this move will be the best for all of us. I guess we will never know how any of our decisions will effect Myah in the long run.

The only thing I can do right now is listen to her and acknowledge her feelings. As we get closer to a move, then we will have to decide other ways to deal with it. We have decided to make it as smooth a transition as possible. Leaving New York was difficult for all of us. We moved into our new house on her first day of school in Costa Rica.  That was so stressful!!  But my daughter is a real trouper and trusts us completely!

Honestly, I admire my daughter immensely. She is the most fully expressed person I've ever known! She enjoys being Myah! She dances when there's music she likes and she tells the best stories!  Being silly is so much fun with her. The two things I marvel at are how much she loves to explore nature and how she consistently practices her ballet and yoga without anyone telling her to. You know, she also taught herself to whistle! I'm 54 and I still can't whistle.

I'm going to stop going on about the kid, but it's hard!!!

Love and Peace!